Rick and Morty quartz nail, spinning carb cap and terp pearls set

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I'm Pickle Rick

Very high quality 25 mm quartz banger that is etched with the popular characters Rick and Morty, this is a 90-degree quartz banger that comes in three sizes 10mm, 14mm and 18mm male connections. The edge is also bevelled

Each dab nail comes with a spinning carb cap and two terp pearls that will race around inside the nail if you can get the airflow to a high enough velocity

Dimensions of the quartz nail:

Outer diameter: 25 mm

100% Real Quartz  

Joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm or 18mm male polished finish

We have a great range of glass adapters for those of you with rigs with a male connection

Its time for your dabbing tools to come out and your powerful blow torch lighters and go on an adventure with Rick and Morty and the quartz banger