Large Glass Skull Bespoke Water Bubbler

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This custom made piece started life as a spirits bottle, it has been transformed into a water bubbler by cutting a hole in the glass where a suitable piece of tubing can be inserted to breath through and the bottle cap modified to accept a oil burner head or down-pipe with tubing into the liquid that you can fill by removing the cap or through the hole.

It is an impressive piece and makes a great centerpiece or talking point, the large reservoir allows for a large build up of smoke or vapour giving maximum flavour.

Please note the glass is not borosilicate so direct heat should never be applied to the bottle with a lighter or flame.

The top accepts a standard 10 mm male oil burner head , the bubbler comes with one oil burner head and tubing.

Weight 1.05 kg

Height 170 mm

Width 100 mm

If you have any old booze, scent or novelty glassware that you want up-cycling please email us at and we can provide you an estimate for the work.