Large 4Smoke Multi Colour Percolator Bong 1510 - 2649


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15 inch percolator glass bongs for sale

This glass bubbler or dab rig is a great piece, it is a thick, heavy glass dabbing rig manufactured from borosilicate safety glass. The joint for your glass bowl or dab nail is a standard female joint. It can be used as a dab rig, oil burner bubbler or water bubbler bong when smoking your tobacco products or oils, the glass bubbler comes with a glass bowl for tobacco leaf.

Some accessories you may want for dabbing are a titanium nail or quartz banger to go with the unit or to use it as a glass oil burner bubbler a curved glass oil burner

Treat yourself to one of these stunning dab rigs and whilst you're at it, don't forget your dabbing tools or lighters

  •  Designed Multi Colour Percolator Glass Bong
  •  Glass Bong
  •  Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Approximate size: 15 inch or 38cm