Glass spoon pipes 4 inch 10cm various colours and designs

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Tactile and unique, spoons pipes

These beautiful hand blown smoking spoons or herb pipes are all unique, no two are exactly alike in shape or pattern, you will have a unique smoking spoon.

What makes these dry pipes or glass spoons unique is they are each hand blown glass, making the pattern, shape and feel of each one are different. The colours and trapped bubbles and contours right from the smoking spoon bowl, along the length of the spoons pipes to the tip are beautiful.

Just load your tobacco into the smoking spoon bowl and light up and cover that carb hole on the head of the spoon bowl pipe, release, and inhale for a great pipe smoking experience. Our stock of glass spoons for sale changes regularly so all you glass smokers out there keep an eye out for your perfect glass spoon

Approximate dimensions of the smoking spoons:

  • Length 4 inches or 10cm
  • Weight 60-70 grams