14 inch Diamond Haze Percolator Glass Bong with Case #3

Diamond Haze

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Suitcase for safe and stylish travels with your bong

  • Diamond Haze Glass Bong Gift Set
  • Large double, multi-arm tree percolator bong/dabbing rig
  • Leather Suit Case
  • Includes tobacco grinder, silicon pot, and other smoking accessories. 
  • 14mm female joint
  • The suitcase contains rolling paper,  tobacco grinder, and lighter.
  • glass smoking bowl

It can be used as a dab rig or oil burner bubbler when smoking your tobacco products or oils, this glass bubbler comes with a glass bowl for tobacco leaf, so if you want to use it for dabbing you're going to need to buy a titanium nail or quartz nail to go with the unit or for a glass oil burner bubbler a curved glass oil burner

Invest in one of these quality rigs which are fine examples of the best bubblers for sale in the UK 

PS don't forget your dabbing tools