Glass water bubbler | dab rig | glass bong - White Puzzle

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Where do you put your fingers?

That is the puzzle of these beautiful, great quality cool glass bubblers, with a number of carb holes, you need to puzzle out the right combination to maximise the vapours. They are thick, heavy glass dab rigs manufactured from borosilicate safety glass. The joint for your glass smoking bowl, glass oil burner or dab nail is a standard female 14mm. It can be used as a dab rig, oil burner bubbler or water bubbler bong, when smoking your tobacco products or oils, the glass bubbler comes with a bowl for tobacco leaf, so if you want to use it for dabbing you're going to need to buy a titanium nail or quartz banger to go with the unit or to use it as a glass oil burner bubbler a curved glass oil burner

Treat yourself to one of these stunning dab rigs and whilst you're at it, don't forget your dabbing tools or lighters