Bongs for sale in the UK

If you are looking for bongs for sale then you have come to the right place. 


We have a glass bong range and an acrylic bong range we even have a gravity bong made of plastic and paper that requires no water.  

So, if you want a smoking bong they are all listed in this collection, some are cheap bongs, some are not. Acrylic water bongs tend to be the cheapest bongs due to their lightweight. They are great for travelling with but can give off a taste of the plastic. You won't get a taste with a glass bong, but they are heavier and can be damaged if dropped. They are though very easy to clean and freshen up.

It's down to personal taste and budget, take a look at the range on offer at your smokers shop and buy a bong today along with any other smoking accessory you may need to go with your smoking supplies